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How to Integrate Fathom Analytics into your AlterClass School

Mar 09, 2022 · 3 min read

How to Integrate Fathom Analytics into your AlterClass School

School analytics without compromise with Fathom

Gain valuable insights from your AlterClass school, all without spying on your visitors in just a few quick steps. Fathom is a Google Analytics alternative that doesn't compromise visitor privacy for data.

Use this integration to:

  • Get privacy-first website analytics
  • Get insights into visitor behavior
  • Learn where your students come from
  • Discover drop-off points and time spent on your school website
  • Track conversions

The Fathom Analytics integration is FREE for everyone.

Enable Fathom Analytics

Activating the Fathom Analytics integration with your AlterClass school is as easy as copy-pasting your Fathom Analytics Site ID.

1. Find your Fathom Site ID

Start by finding your Fathom Analytics Site ID.

  • Create a Fathom account if you haven't already
  • Add a new site or select the one you want to use with AlterClass from your settings
  • Copy your Site ID
Find your Fathom Analytics Site ID

If you want to take advantage of bypassing ad-blockers, you can also setup a custom domain.

From your site settings, click on Setup a custom domain.

Setup a custom domain

Then add a custom domain, either by letting Fathom generates a "random" subdomain for you or by using a "specific" subdomain.

Add a custom domain

Finally, add the displayed DNS record with your domain registrar, and copy your custom domain.

Add the DNS record

2. Connect Fathom Analytics to your AlterClass school

Go to your AlterClass instructor dashboard, click on Settings and open the Integrations tab. Find Fathom Analytics in the integrations list, paste your Site ID and your custom domain in the corresponding input fields, and click Update.

Connect Fathom Analytics to your AlterClass school

Your school is now fully integrated with Fathom Analytics. You can see all your school analytics from your Fathom dashboard.

3. View your school analytics

Open your Fathom Analytics dashboard and select your site and go to the Reports tab.

View your AlterClass school traffic

Need help?

If you're stuck or need help integrating Fathom Analytics with your AlterClass school, feel free to reach out to us by using the live chat on this website or by email at


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