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How to Pre-Sell your Course

Oct 26, 2021 · 2 min read

How to Pre-Sell your Course

With AlterClass, you don't need to wait to finish creating your course to make money. Indeed, you can fund your course with pre-orders so that your friends, family, and fans can support you in your journey.

Doing so is pretty easy to do.

First, create a new course or select one of your existing courses, which is not already published, from the Courses tab.

Then, click on the presale icon in the upper right corner from the course's editing page.

Presale icon

From the presale campaign page, you can set your funding goal and add the reward perks for the students to choose from when pre-ordering your course.

Presale campaign page

For each reward tier, use the provided form to set up the name, the description, and the price of the reward. Then, click Save reward.

Add a reward tier

You must create at least one reward tier and up to three. However, your students will be able to select only one reward during checkout.

Once you are done, hit the Presale course button.

Presale reward tiers

Congratulations! Your course is now available to be pre-ordered from your AlterClass school.

Below is an example of the page for a course in pre-orders with 3 reward tiers.

Course pre-orders page


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