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How to Setup your Custom Domain

Jan 31, 2022 · 3 min read

How to Setup your Custom Domain

When you sign-up for AlterClass, we provide you with a free subdomain to host all your courses under the same roof. However, you can set up your own domain or subdomain for your AlterClass school to reflect your brand more closely and get rid of the AlterClass branding watermark.

In this guide, you will learn how to accomplish this.

Setting up a custom domain is for PRO members only. Make sure to upgrade your account before going further.

If you are not a PRO member yet, you can upgrade your account from here. Once you are a PRO member, adding a custom domain to your AlterClass school is very straightforward.

Step 1: Log in to AlterClass

First, make sure to log in to your AlterClass account, and navigate to your instructor dashboard.

Instructor dashboard - AlterClass

Step 2: Navigate to Domain settings

Once you are logged in, click on your profile picture at the top-right corner of your dashboard and click on the Settings link.

Domain Settings - AlterClass

From here, navigate to the Domain tab.

Domain Tab - AlterClass

Step 3: Enter your custom domain

From the domain page, enter the domain you wish to add to your school, without the www or https:// prefix, in the text field provided.

Then click on the Add button to proceed.

Enter your custom domain - AlterClass

Step 4: Configure your DNS

Once the domain has been added, you will be presented with different methods for configuring it, depending on whether it is an apex domain ( or subdomain (

Apex domains

You can configure apex domains by adding an A record at the root whose value is

Apex domain configuration - AlterClass


You can configure subdomains by adding a CNAME record where the hostname is @, and the corresponding value is This CNAME record will point your subdomain to AlterClass' IP address.

Subdomain configuration - AlterClass

Step 5: Domain configured

Once the domain has been configured successfully, the card status will change to reflect this.

Domain configured successfully - AlterClass

Need help?

If you're stuck or need help configuring your custom domain with your AlterClass school, feel free to reach us out by using the live chat on this website or by email at


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